Mango Bites

Droplets of Ink


When did we feel that free time, when did
Giving rest to the ‘rest’ indeed
Run always, we run.

We do burn
The sparse minutes of time
On the pyre of Time.

And we count
The hiding dreams
Taken asylum
Under the shadows of eyes
We go on and on
We really run and flow
Crossing over mornings
And Evenings
We really run
We do flow

The relation made
When the need matches
When we do need help
Like some meteor
Someone falls down

The body, physical
And the mind
When they are
Intoxicated full
Some ejaculation
In a dream
Someone else will fall down

Again, we move ahead
We run
We too run and move

Unearthing the questions
That were buried
And sleeping in the tombs
We keep them before us
Like a fossil
In our ceaseless research
And providing the breath
Of answers into them

But then we do run
We move ahead

At times
When the ‘manas’
Gets the feel of poetic drink
We take
Drops of poesy
F-o-u-r drops of that thick ink
And -we gulp them.

But we do run
We move ahead !!!

Original Poem(Telugu):

Poet: Naresh Kumar

Translated by: Mandagondi Naresh