Mango Bites

Vaakili is pleased to present Mango Bites – contemporary poetry in English.

Now, I eat only cannibals

సెప్టెంబర్ 2016

Once upon a time
My nipples were rosebuds of love
My belly was the cradle of an unborn thought
Now, it is just a black mass of a hardened mole
a burden of unwanted fat
Weightless waves
of past love and pain
crash into my eyes
With fermented passion
Now, I eat only cannibals

When machado’s men
rein in my veins
When her beauty…
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The (this) moment of silence

ఏప్రిల్ 2016

As I sit next to you
Giving space for you to think
To talk, to write and then to talk…
To me..

As we drive through the woods,
The fields and the vast landscapes
Looking through the window
With the backdrop of our burdens,
Reminding us the responsibilities.

A thought crosses my mind
And I begin to say something…
About you… about me… about…
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I Won’t Remind

సెప్టెంబర్ 2015

Things always keep coming to my mind

The days when you entered like fog
into my heart’s core with circles spread out
and pervaded my world

The paths along which you led me with love-shackles
onto the peaks of ecstatic youth coaxing my
faltering thoughts of tender age’s deluges

The moments when we swayed
in unsoiled enchanting worlds drifting with
fervid passion into unfathomed gorges

Do they come to…
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Watching Sans Sleep!

జూలై 2015

Watching Sans Sleep!

I have been watching since then
For that traveller who walked away thus
with blood stained feet
through those streets where
vermillion was dried.

I have been watching
The shadows of darkness on the front yards,
The celebrations of the nude scenes
Under the pandals of eyes,
The streams that ran from the valleys and
The separated footsteps on the sand dunes.

I have been watching…
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Again, About a Poem – Afsar

జూన్ 2015

A Certain Incongruity

Word was a paper boat then.
A Titanic it was, revolving
around the world on scanty water

Now word is a broken boat.
A rock figurine unable to move
even when surrounded by oceans

All the poesy became debris
when word dropped to the ground
Now we are only moving amongst pebbles

One may hear an occasional sound
But there are no sounds of breathపూర్తిగా »

Man of the Universe – Papineni SivaSankar

జూన్ 2015

1. Man of the Universe

Not physically challenged
But the one who challenges Physics
He that conquers the progressively destructive
Motor neuron with a constant exercise, of knowledge!
He that stabilizes with speech synthesizer,
The word that splits into sounds and bits
He that gives a strong heart
To every being who is physically challenged.
He is the expert swimmer who with thinking hands
Swims across…
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A Delectable Torment

మే 2015

A heavy slab rests on heart all the time.
Wedged into the smouldering heap of embers
the soul doesn’t stop singeing
on simmering heat.
Deep in the marrow of bones
the worm of discontent
always keeps biting and squirming
It neither kills nor lets you die
No amount of drinking
halts the unending unquenchable thirst
An unseen torment
of the half filled cup rules…
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The supremacy or infinite

మార్చి 2015

The supremacy or infinite

To the creator
To the inseparable fondness
To the movement of the universe
Woman is the basis


Mother! O mother
Aren’t you bringing me up pouring life of light in the darkness?

Why nobody could see this trial of yours streaming the resplendency and movement into me?
Why can’t I listen if they comprehend it?
O., not only me in your…
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The village is small

జనవరి 2015

The village is small; its history is great
The ooze of water might be small but the tank is vast
The age of this tree must be measured in lives
The shadows of it never wipes away to the wind

The severity of agony is unknown
to the measurement of square yards
The iron kites flying in the space
Can never see the row of ants
Times move…
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A Downy Spear

డిసెంబర్ 2014

Shooting a sweet
Downy spear of a note
Into my anxieties
From the smooth rosy petals
Dabbed in black soil …
A mother sparrow
Darts off towards her baby nestling
Under the yonder umbrage
Picking one more worm by its beak.

On the last trace of tear
Off my eyelash
There bloomed
A thousand rainbows.


Original: Mamatha K (Telugu)
Translated By: Nauduri…
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