Mango Bites



1. Resemblances

One memory gone astray
Is by this girl, brought ashore.
One valuable experience lost
In the darkroom called ‘past’
Is by her, with infinite patience, retrieved.

Those who have turned to ashes
And mingled with water
Have come back, through her milky cheeks,
To greet again!

Those who froze in time as still pictures
Of the photo frames
In her eyes, have come to life again.

Her small body houses
Layers and layers of memories
Of people, now dead and gone
She is like a little book of autograph
With all their signatures, inscribed.

The smile on her tender lips that defies description
Must be a stamp of approval for
This continuity they have gained, from them.
The closed fist must have a hidden message
From them that cannot be deciphered.

2. Summer Rain

This evening turns a scorching day
Into a soothing shower
The earth’s fragrance more beautiful
Than that of the jasmines intoxicates the mind.
Looks like a volcano has suddenly
Changed its mind
And turned into a snow mountain
The umbrella cloud that
Sheltered us from the bright sun
Could not save itself and turned
Into a sieve, dripping!
The body wet with the sweat
Of the day’s heat, suddenly
Drenches itself in this rain, how nice!
The fan inside its wings revolving round and round
Has given up declaring ‘Can no longer save you from the heat’
The cool breeze then drifts in sprinkling
Its holy water, lo,
The whole village turns into an AC
One never knows who will be kind at what time
One never knows who can breathe life into a dead flute
I thought I had dried up with tiredness
Yet, surprisingly, my hopes rekindle
With just four drops of rain.


Telugu: Vinnakota Ravi Sankar (Vesavi Vaana)
Translated By: Kallury Syamala