Mango Bites

The Madman’s Footprint


The footprint of the madman
On the tragic music flowing from the breast of the prostitute
Hanging from the clock tower

The footprint of the madman
Upon the untouchable dream
Of Kanchikacharla Kotigadu
Reduced to ashes while burnt alive

The footprint of the madman
Is the mark made with vengeance by time
On the furrows
Vomiting blood

The footprint of the madman
In the first love letter written
By the lunatic moon
To the intoxicated ocean

The footprint of this madman
Is disturbed sleep
Injured in the thick forest of tears

25 June 2000
(Written with inspiration from Vladimir Mayakovski)

Telugu: Siva Sagar (from the collection Sivasagar Kavitvam)
Translated By: Rallapalli Sundaram and Lisa Mitchell

మీ అభిప్రాయం రాయండి

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