Mango Bites

A Soldier’s Monologue


As your eye lashes unfold like opening blossoms
I jump into the ponds of water all of a sudden
They are not ponds but are
Transparent depths of ocean Pacific!
On every nerve of yours warmly flow the streams
I drift in the depths I know not where
And then a whirlpool maybe your heart
Drags me into its depths
While I was nesting in your heart of hearts
Warmly weaving my cocoon, I remember
All of a sudden
My love let me go.
The sun sets and the battle field calls
In the darkening nights crossing the
Dead corpses lying on both sides of an an imaginary
Line of control I sit atop the cannons breathe the carbide
I must walk into the snow peaks that are thirsty for blood
Hiding the head in the gun and heart in its barrel with others
Like me I msut march forward to kill some graceful lady’s lover
The abodes where angels tread and the incense filled animals roam
Are now the deathly caves for young
It is now inevitable, my love let me go, or allow me to die before I sentence someone to death in your embrace


Original: Ketavarapu Venkata Ramana Murthy (Telugu)
Translation: Kallury Syamala