Mango Bites

The Planted Cloud


The Planted Cloud

When it rains sunshine
The tree is full of
Showers, green!

When it rains darkness
The tree is full
Dark clouds!

When there is a breeze
The tree rains
The cloud shower!


The Cosmic Form, Viswaroopam

Moon like Vamana[1]
Plants its moonlit feet
On the sky and the earth!

I offer him
My heart for the
Third foot!
I must humble myself
Into the secret
Inner worlds within
To manifest as poetry!


A Dark Night

Dark night more beautiful
than a moonlit night,
In the river moonshine
The eyes perch themselves
In a moon boat, always

In the darkness
They play, jumping around,
On starry sand-fields!


Two Words

If blessed with a boy
I would have become a father.
Now with daughter
I became a mother!

How can I curse any woman
To equal a man!
I will bless everyman
To match a woman, instead!


God and the Baby

The baby smiles, in sleep
Mother says:
God is talking to her, in sleep!
We don’t have a God

But the idea of God
Rests on his not being there
In any form!

We are so full of clouds
Colours, lightening, thunders,
and showers
We shower around
We don’t have a God!

But still
Why wonder if
God, there in not being there,
Speaks to a baby, a sky
Clear as the crystal!


Different Worlds

Man is one world

Light – Darkness
One combination for one world

Every world has its
Flowers and deserts.
Three fourth of every world
Is ocean and salt water.

Perhaps in every world
There is a sky, infinite
Unknown to us, hidden!


A Race That is Question Mark

What else is more abnormal,
On earth other than man?

What else is more
Horrible on earth than
A man who hurts
The earth, the ozone,
Or human heart
And feels proud of it!

What else is more
Pitiable on earth than
A man who cannot unfold
Like a flower
Like the first ray of dawn,
Like laughter!

What else can be more
Unnatural than
A man who cannot become
One with the mountains
The valleys, the trees and
Its varieties amidst
Innumerable lives around us!


[1] As Vamana, the short One he sent the demon king Bali to the netherworld. The king Bali was known for his generosity and the Lord, as Vamana, enters his sacred Yaga site and asks for three feet of ground. When he agrees Vamana grows in size and occupies the heavens with one foot, earth with the other foot, and asks the king for place to put the third foot. Helpless, the king offers him his own head and Vamana pushes him into the nether worlds. He also blesses him and gives him a boon by telling him that he would guard his palace in the nether worlds.

Original: (Telugu) Nene Ee Kshanam by B.V.V Prasad
Translation: Syamala Kallury

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