Mango Bites

When the Sun is stolen from the Heart

సెప్టెంబర్ 2013

Let us both depart
Beneath the line of a last lyric
As a signature each
When these faiths are remembered
We embrace each other
As memories and memories
However, until then, let us depart
As mere bodies.

Long since, the life is sobbing
Like an erupted river.
It is hell, indeed, to sleep
Holding the dream-dried-eyes in hand
The lone and forlorn canoe,
Is swallowing the unceasing darkness
Drop by drop.
Limbs wrecked and gloomy,

The body that embraced the river
Casts the loneliness on the shore

Today I have no hands to beg love
However, is it not the hunger-the lust
Stronger than love!
In the event, when the Sun is stolen from the heart
The blazing doubts are in Lakhs
The color of pain is same to everyone.
Do you wish to see?
The waterfalls dried up in my heart.
The starving mouths of streams crave for raindrops.


Getting wounded -
Getting wounded in a manner unclear
Whether it is a wound or not
Nothing is new here.


Now you and your blood-tinged body,
Searching hands
Must be craving for my hug!

Do we meet again, perhaps, as two storms!
Then we may speak to each other
Like a sky talking to another sky.
Whenever the faiths are remembered
We may entwine ourselves as memories and memories.



Orogonal: Arun Bavera (Telugu) – From Anika
Translation: Nagaraju Ramaswamy