Mango Bites

Should Have Something Left For Us

డిసెంబర్ 2013

A place, a native town
Or an acquaintance at least
Is needed to frequent on and off

When words shatter and melt
Purports scatter, scare and wilt
And thoughts vanish into distant horizons
A habitation is needed
To learn words anew

When desires disappear, making body a lean stick
Rarefied reflections render heart an empty shell
And every route is shut
Leaving pitch darkness all around
A sprinkle of greeting is needed
To sprout anew

A veritable life of your own
To enter at your will is needed.
Not as a mere figure carrying lungi and banian
In the present, oscillating into past and future
Should one live.
From the sickening payments of monthly bills
And the senseless smiles of sham stratagems
Should one sail smoothly into pithy life

Like a fluttering finch
Entering its nest at least
Should one embrace life with finesse.
Quench we should, our thirst
By parting the water of a flowing rivulet.
Rise we should, from the relics of a bee
Waiting on the lump of wax
Thrown after squeezing the oozing honeycomb.
To sink into yourself
To smoulder and be left as yourself
A man should at least be available to you.


Original (Telugu): Yakoob
Translated by: Elanaaga