Mango Bites

On a River Bank


What’s there on a river bank?
Perhaps a few teardrops left by someone
A few faint quartered conversations
Some abandoned faces of loneliness
Circles of grief furrows in sand.
What else is there on a river bank?

Some arid melancholy blended and soaked
In the rippling sounds of flowing river
What more are there on river bank?

On a river bank there are
Multi coloured pebbles
Broken snail shells
Footprints carrying tinkles of anklets
Lamps of moonlight assembled on noon clouds

Is that all? No.
On a river bank
There’s a nameless sweetheart
A buddy without own place
A celestial embrace
And a surreal handshake

Besides these
There’s also a frisky river
which unmindful of all these
flows gleefully


Origin (Telugu): Pasunuru Sreedhar Babu
Translated by: Elanaaga