Mango Bites

A Delectable Torment

మే 2015

A heavy slab rests on heart all the time.
Wedged into the smouldering heap of embers
the soul doesn’t stop singeing
on simmering heat.
Deep in the marrow of bones
the worm of discontent
always keeps biting and squirming
It neither kills nor lets you die
No amount of drinking
halts the unending unquenchable thirst
An unseen torment
of the half filled cup rules the roost
Half emptiness turns a harrowing monster
The needle of big failure
pricks the bubbles of little joys
A tantalizing butterfly crop
unfolds beyond empty deserts

Pain it is, not to pen
But penning is a big labour pain too
Penning, not penning
and contemplating penning…
An unending journey it is.
A delectable tour too
that drives from behind
despite the bramble brushings

Origin (Telugu): Elanaaga
Translated by: Elanaaga