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Again, About a Poem – Afsar

జూన్ 2015

A Certain Incongruity

Word was a paper boat then.
A Titanic it was, revolving
around the world on scanty water

Now word is a broken boat.
A rock figurine unable to move
even when surrounded by oceans

All the poesy became debris
when word dropped to the ground
Now we are only moving amongst pebbles

One may hear an occasional sound
But there are no sounds of breathపూర్తిగా »

Have you seen the border of the sky?

ఏప్రిల్ 2014

Have you seen the border of the sky?
I don’t know what would you say so ,
My sky is edged in green

Passing by my sky spreads peacock feathers. Never ask the sky about its whereabouts but, leaning my head on it can now easily hold the sphere. It can take the turmoil of the typhoons and the calmness of the mirages with ease. How graceful its hand ignites this…
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A pining
for not having drowned like a paper boat
when you were impregnably brimming over the banks;
For having failed to play like a pearl of water
on the sickle of your waist
when the first signs of youth blossomed over there;
For not sharing a piece of firmament
standing at the threshold of your teary looks

You are now an…
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