‘ Arun Bavera ’ రచనలు

When the Sun is stolen from the Heart

సెప్టెంబర్ 2013

Let us both depart
Beneath the line of a last lyric
As a signature each
When these faiths are remembered
We embrace each other
As memories and memories
However, until then, let us depart
As mere bodies.

Long since, the life is sobbing
Like an erupted river.
It is hell, indeed, to sleep
Holding the dream-dried-eyes in hand
The lone and forlorn canoe,

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The Dark Side of the Reassuring Hand


I submitted an appeal to surrender before you,
along with my history.

I acknowledged in writing
to prone before you, with my legacy.
I snipped my rebellious legacy
and filled your cupped hands to the brim.
I surrendered my weaponry at your feet,
and pledged my battle fields
to your threats and intimidations.

Alienating from my flock
I reduced to a wretch seeking after your…
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