‘ Nagaraju Ramaswamy ’ రచనలు

A Befuddled Wayfarer

మార్చి 2014

It appears as though everything is known
But the path in the forest never ends
Direction seems perfect
Yet the dinghy doesn’t get ashore
The tracks in desert are not unknown
But no amount of treading
takes you to the frontier
The life of humans is but like this.
It’s an impenetrable jungle
A vast ocean, spread up to the horizon
Infinite sand, stretched to…
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When the Sun is stolen from the Heart

సెప్టెంబర్ 2013

Let us both depart
Beneath the line of a last lyric
As a signature each
When these faiths are remembered
We embrace each other
As memories and memories
However, until then, let us depart
As mere bodies.

Long since, the life is sobbing
Like an erupted river.
It is hell, indeed, to sleep
Holding the dream-dried-eyes in hand
The lone and forlorn canoe,

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The Other Shore

I wished, innocently,
when my son was young and sprouting
that he should grow big like a tree
and I must rest under the cool of its shade;
where ever he may be
how ever he may be.

Me, being a man amidst the trees,
I wonder, how I could forget
that the trees won’t move and
that we only have to shelter under.

When my dreams…
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The Throne
-the sun light-
slipped off from the sky
The sky laughed, as if
the crumbled mountain stood up again!
I stepped into the silent vaccum
Like a torch-bearer
The flute is singing
the forgotten tunes of the lip
I am creating every single edge of life
with the very stuff of life
I am dreaming
and filling my eyes
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We both in the Rain


But for me and the rain
none are there on the road
The street lights
Turning the rain drops into pearls
String them as garlands

The pictures drawn by the streams
Before being caught by the eyes change
The leaves and the drops at bout one-on-one
How can drops win over the leaves?
In the majestic mass-parade
Rajkapoor and Nargis, on the Marindrive,
Heat up…
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