‘ Naresh Mandagondi ’ రచనలు

There is total silence now


Could be
Overpowered by the bewitching desires
Ran into some unknown direction!

The circling
Routine has engulfed me
May be for it
I stayed there rounding and rounding!
When every word uttered
Is a mere selfish one
Hooked in that fatal bait
Stood here just
With all wet lips!

One thought wave
Cuts another thought line
I might have turned
That newer…
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A mother teaches the value of food


A mother teaches the value of food

Have been a silent observer for ages
Of her manner of eating food, from childhood days
On the previous day, just
Closely watched all the system of her eating
Careful and very cautious I was
That she could never get my feel
I have recorded all her movements
And watched with a new and queer eye !

Yes I have seen it and noted
The true and…
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