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A Downy Spear

డిసెంబర్ 2014

Shooting a sweet
Downy spear of a note
Into my anxieties
From the smooth rosy petals
Dabbed in black soil …
A mother sparrow
Darts off towards her baby nestling
Under the yonder umbrage
Picking one more worm by its beak.

On the last trace of tear
Off my eyelash
There bloomed
A thousand rainbows.


Original: Mamatha K (Telugu)
Translated By: Nauduri…
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One Relation and Several Realizations.

డిసెంబర్ 2013

You have your logic and I have mine own argument
A strange situation of nobody being politically wrong.

The matter of interest is no longer
Who parted from the other first?
And to expect answers for every question
Is nothing short of madness.

We are inured to disappointments expecting high
We can’t help but live in whimsical imaginations.
Lugging the weights and counting the miles
We stay put…
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Festival of Rain

అక్టోబర్ 2013

On the bare barren lands…
On the expanse of green rice corns,
Over the roofs of the thatched hovels
And upon temples and glazing marble mansions
Comes down heavily the rain
in streams and currents and torrents

Rain is a demonstration of equality principle
A shuttle of water wool
Stitching the earth and heaven together;
A midwife attending soil’s labour;
A divine leaf-sap restoring vigour

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Kite crowning a tree…

సెప్టెంబర్ 2013

One must suddenly get lost in the woods
Like a dragonfly… or a centipede…
Or, hang lonely by the tip of a leaf
on the crown of a giant tree…

One must lie suspended between two infinities
Like the all-important God Particle!

Or, vanish into the fog
hovering over the cascading runnel.

In the mealy translucence
One must open up like a Lotus
Or take to wings like…
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In the end…


Nothing remains in the end!
Even the dreadful snake… that herald of death
Dissolves like a scrawl on water.
Some wild plant peeps out with passion
Breaking through the grave
Sapping the essence of the bod
Only to wither away soon.
Some small dirty cranial bone remains
Wallowing in sun and dust…
Rejected even by a hungry fox.

That’s it! Nothing remains in the end!

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A Friend Indeed


It flickers last on the long drawn-out list of requirements.
But, it has its settled place in my pocket
Like the stretched string on a Veena.

Drying my eyes and concealing my sighs within its layers,
It takes into its sure sweet hands
The momentous events of my life.
Standing by me in the thick and thin of the day
And never settling comely where it was put

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On The Sparrow From My Village


You little sparrow,
Ha, I could make you out….you are from my village.
That cute little nose and those elfin feathers… betray you.

But then, when I ask you if you have come alone,
Why are you so insolent, taking off without answering me?
As if you only have those dainty feathers?
Reconciling that you might not have noticed me,
I just crossed your way
But, no. You…
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For A Catharsis


One has to write
At least to apprehend the quietude
After a prolonged battle.
To assert that man is a tree that can blossom
One must write.
Creation is but a translation of the world…
Creation is destruction in the first place…
As one writes
Pen traces plough lines on paper
And the vivacity of life flows from fingers to the letters.
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Oceans continue to have high and low tides still
Carpenter Bees continue to hover over flowers
The sky continues to play chameleon at will
Plants still sprouting only after the seed explodes…


Darkness still puts on that ebony mantle, and for that
The glow-worms lay in wait for the whole day;
No matter how high-rise the building is,
The gentle breeze continues amusing itself with window leavesపూర్తిగా »

Becoming a Rain…

Eons have passed
Landscapes have changed
But the nascent smell of the rain
Sinking into the earth has not changed.

How many feelings
Shall it spray
Springing back to life
Memories from the depths of heart!

For once
I long to turn into a cloudlet
And roll over in the dust…


Original: (Telugu) Kondamudi Saikiran Kumar
Translation: Nauduri Murthy

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