‘ Nauduri Murthy ’ రచనలు




A pining
for not having drowned like a paper boat
when you were impregnably brimming over the banks;
For having failed to play like a pearl of water
on the sickle of your waist
when the first signs of youth blossomed over there;
For not sharing a piece of firmament
standing at the threshold of your teary looks

You are now an…
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Everything That is Active


I like more …

The sky
that endlessly stretches its hands
in all direction…

The waters
Whether they overwhelm the banks
or attenuate to a bare ten-feet tributary
but, nevertheless run…

The wheel on the move
even if it were
that of a child’s tricycle …

The nib of a writing pen…

The mote of dust wafted by the wind…

And, even the wall-clock
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In The Dark Room


That night…
when failures banished sleep to the eves of eyelashes;
when this wounded bode sang blues all night with darting pain;
Death, escorted by rain, entered the dark room and said:

“Friend! Look here!
Your grief is a ceaseless torrent!
Life is but a bout of grief… nothing more;
Come! hug me! Let me anoint your wounds in my embrace!”

Some harsh words emanated through the wounds:

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A corf of Chalk


Caught in the chilling web of sagittal month
Time shivers in the bitter biting cold
Even in the congested cities
The foreyards of houses take a head bath
And get cleansed of their inured dirt

And before dawn
In chalky designs they get adorned
As if milky ways were spread out,
A swarm of swans were floating away,
And seem a queen’s entourage
Has been sojourning…
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A Colossus


Whenever he runs into me
The stink envelopes me even before.
Embalming his skin with earth
He enters like clay sundered by the wintry wind
With a basket of dung over head.
He infuses the life into the awaiting plants
Combing and caressing the roots.
Greeting with his looks
He teaches words to the sprouting twigs in silence.
Doctoring the infested and the diseased
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The Dark Side of the Reassuring Hand


I submitted an appeal to surrender before you,
along with my history.

I acknowledged in writing
to prone before you, with my legacy.
I snipped my rebellious legacy
and filled your cupped hands to the brim.
I surrendered my weaponry at your feet,
and pledged my battle fields
to your threats and intimidations.

Alienating from my flock
I reduced to a wretch seeking after your…
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