Mango Bites

A mother teaches the value of food


Have been a silent observer for ages
Of her manner of eating food, from childhood days
On the previous day, just
Closely watched all the system of her eating
Careful and very cautious I was
That she could never get my feel
I have recorded all her movements
And watched with a new and queer eye !

Yes I have seen it and noted
The true and lovely way of eating food
Of that poor peasant’s wife
And learn the twin values
The proper way of eating food
The great value of Food, God !

That eating—
Wasn’t like
Mechanical lip movement of a modern man
Not the gentle taking of one or two morsels
Not even that
Not like eating with much care so as to keep
Fingers clean
Unlike the civilized one
Who doesn’t move lips
Does never turn the jaws
And that the teeth are within, not shown.

Like a great sage
Teaching the noble aspect of food
It’s true definition for sure
Mixing,holding in palm in rounds
The morsel gets good respect
In its very way of reaching the mouth
Whether a pickle
Whether a sort of poor porridge in vegetables
The morsel of food in her hand
Just as the endless glow
Of a mother’s eyes
Really shining, really shining
A great lesson !

She respects hunger
And values the vital bond
between food and hunger
It could be a reason
It was all piety and serenity
When she is taking food
The mother’s blessings are showered
On her children
We are blessed !

Unable to stop myself
When she has washed her
Two hands after food
I admiringly kissed her
Two heavenly hands.
A mother , a mother !!!


Telugu: Yakoob (అమ్మ అన్నంముద్ద)
Translated by: Naresh Mandagondi