‘ Yakoob ’ రచనలు

Should Have Something Left For Us

డిసెంబర్ 2013

A place, a native town
Or an acquaintance at least
Is needed to frequent on and off

When words shatter and melt
Purports scatter, scare and wilt
And thoughts vanish into distant horizons
A habitation is needed
To learn words anew

When desires disappear, making body a lean stick
Rarefied reflections render heart an empty shell
And every route is shut
Leaving pitch darkness all aroundపూర్తిగా »

A mother teaches the value of food


A mother teaches the value of food

Have been a silent observer for ages
Of her manner of eating food, from childhood days
On the previous day, just
Closely watched all the system of her eating
Careful and very cautious I was
That she could never get my feel
I have recorded all her movements
And watched with a new and queer eye !

Yes I have seen it and noted
The true and…
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