‘ Shriya Prasad ’ రచనలు


నవంబర్ 2016



and above all
Everything seems broken … yet clear
Broken .. yet pristine.

Hidden from the normal, symmetrical, indifferent eye
The beauty of this world is visible
only to a broken soul
The song of the soul is carefully preserved in the tiny fragments,
each possessing a life of its own.

A broken soul doesn’t always need … mending.

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I smile and walk away

సెప్టెంబర్ 2016

I smile and walk away

White fluffy marsh-mallows move away
leading my blurred vision to reality;
My thoughts race with words and go beyond.
I search for the sun, whom I can feel but can’t see
Trees dance gracefully, wearing an attire too heavy for them to carry.
They seem to be waving to me to draw back my diverted attention.

How lovely is it to see nothing else
but the most marvelous…
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