Mango Bites



The Throne
-the sun light-
slipped off from the sky
The sky laughed, as if
the crumbled mountain stood up again!
I stepped into the silent vaccum
Like a torch-bearer
The flute is singing
the forgotten tunes of the lip
I am creating every single edge of life
with the very stuff of life
I am dreaming
and filling my eyes
with the tears of resonant eyes
Poetry, indeed, is a gauge
that measures the depths of tears
My pen, a magic wand,
that eternalises the Nature
The silky thread
-the poem-
is binding me and the moon together
The night is melting bit by bit
into the sea
Having drunk the moon light to the brim
the waves are burping


Original: A.Surya Prakash (Telugu anthology ‘Aneka’-padella kavithvam)
Trandlation: Nagaraju Ramaswamy.