Mango Bites

We both in the Rain


But for me and the rain
none are there on the road
The street lights
Turning the rain drops into pearls
String them as garlands

The pictures drawn by the streams
Before being caught by the eyes change
The leaves and the drops at bout one-on-one
How can drops win over the leaves?
In the majestic mass-parade
Rajkapoor and Nargis, on the Marindrive,
Heat up the rain

Somewhere at a distance
The broken lumps of lightning’s fall down
The rain snatched my umbrella
And threw it far away

Now, but for me, the rain and the darkness
No one is on the road

An anicient smell of sky
Submerged my body
A strange agitation
in the locks of the road-side bushes

Meanwhile, somewhere, the live wire snapped
Now, a rain within too!
An unnatural ugly chill gale swept across
as if something undesirable happened

In the flood
a stained blood streak afloat
And drifting inward
The feet drowned in water trembling
Isn’t that the blood of yesterday’s hero?
Collapsed to by the bullets!
Now, but for me and he
No one is there on the road.

Original: Dr. N.Gopi( Telugu – ‘Aneka’ padella kavithvam)
Translation: Nagaraju Ramaswamy.