‘ Cheman ’ రచనలు

On the anguished sky


The night, caught in the fist,
Without any sound seeps into the roots
Of heart
The solitary river,
Still for pitching a note
Making a morning star its navigator
Flows as a silent wound
Time like a cat
Jumps from the space between the legs
Digs the past and sleeps in an underground room
Eyes glide their eyeballs
On the flow of dreams

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Germinating a heart is pending


Here only a silent song was knocked down from the edges of the heart
For the roar of storms created amid the breath and breath
The broken affections were scattered
Here only

To give life to life as a life
Sacrificing the dreams of life
Donning head to toe the moments of sparkling fire
To blaze each second as a torch
Sprouted here only
Turning wave lung…
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