Mango Bites

Germinating a heart is pending


Here only a silent song was knocked down from the edges of the heart
For the roar of storms created amid the breath and breath
The broken affections were scattered
Here only

To give life to life as a life
Sacrificing the dreams of life
Donning head to toe the moments of sparkling fire
To blaze each second as a torch
Sprouted here only
Turning wave lung into a flute
At early dawn
For the broken cord
Holding in fist
The melting heart
Making a hole to the inside heart
Vanishing the swelling grief
Carried the sky on the head
Here only

For the red brightness of duty
Keeping the eyeballs in a nut crusher
Cutting them as beetle nuts
In between the visions
Carving the designs of hopes
Molding eyelashes butterflies as wings
Hoisted them in the wind of aspirations
Here only

Carrying the wounds
From the faltering steps
The entire body cracked and
On The path that goes on like
Knotting of the bowels exiting
From the gaps of neck
Time became a Lapwing bird here

The dream shattered and the wheel of time
Became frigid here only

For the very existence of dawns and dusks
Thundering as a thunder and glistening as lightening
The halter tightened here only

The wind had a wound here only
The heart had a cut here only
Burying the eyes
Germinating a heart is needed arranging the cut wounds
A new song should be sung
From the bed of silent flow
Like another wave rising up to fall is remaining
We with in us like thousands of we have to spread
Becoming the breath and console
Stream as a oozing water source is yet there

Original: Cheman (Telugu, Hrudayam Molakettalsi UmDI, Anthology: KALALA EDAARI MADHYANA)
Translated By: Swatee Sripada