‘ Devipriya ’ రచనలు

Winged Storm


We attempted composing tunes for
buzz of the black bee
dance of dragon fly
sweeping winds of storm
shattering noise of guns.

Wincing with pain
on stepping sharp edge
we wanted to set choreography
for the writhing foot.
We tried to cover silk cloth
on thorny branch that pierced eyeballs.
We tried to unfold secrets
secure behind blood stained skin.

Did we think of…
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Everything That is Active


I like more …

The sky
that endlessly stretches its hands
in all direction…

The waters
Whether they overwhelm the banks
or attenuate to a bare ten-feet tributary
but, nevertheless run…

The wheel on the move
even if it were
that of a child’s tricycle …

The nib of a writing pen…

The mote of dust wafted by the wind…

And, even the wall-clock
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