‘ N.Gopi ’ రచనలు

The village is small

జనవరి 2015

The village is small; its history is great
The ooze of water might be small but the tank is vast
The age of this tree must be measured in lives
The shadows of it never wipes away to the wind

The severity of agony is unknown
to the measurement of square yards
The iron kites flying in the space
Can never see the row of ants
Times move…
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We both in the Rain


But for me and the rain
none are there on the road
The street lights
Turning the rain drops into pearls
String them as garlands

The pictures drawn by the streams
Before being caught by the eyes change
The leaves and the drops at bout one-on-one
How can drops win over the leaves?
In the majestic mass-parade
Rajkapoor and Nargis, on the Marindrive,
Heat up…
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