Mango Bites

The (this) moment of silence

ఏప్రిల్ 2016

As I sit next to you
Giving space for you to think
To talk, to write and then to talk…
To me..

As we drive through the woods,
The fields and the vast landscapes
Looking through the window
With the backdrop of our burdens,
Reminding us the responsibilities.

A thought crosses my mind
And I begin to say something…
About you… about me… about the world
Nothing happens.

I want to share with you
What you are to me… or what it is to be with you
In complete words
But they wouldn’t come out.

I take a sheet of paper
Into my cold hand – To write and show it to you
Hoping to see a blink in your eyes
Just to realize they are incomplete.

I can speak better without words
And write well but not on paper
May be my moments of silence (with you)
Reach you better than my words of worship.