Mango Bites

Dil Dukh Nagar



The muse too sheds tears.
Not just one’s body, but the
Nation as a whole shivers!


The sorrow of many a mother
The slok that no Valmiki could ever write.
The epic that needs to be written now
Is not Ramayanam but a ‘Bomb’ayanam!


The fire has swallowed the lips
Even before the lover has ever attempted to kiss
If one wants entwine the loved one in a snake’s hug
In secrecy, the legs lay severed!


The sons have come, their city dreams
In the lightless eyes of parents fill moonshine!
The parents now like candles
Before their limbless children, in hospitals!


The three billion gods they worship with their offerings
do not create half a drop of blood, to save!
Far better to have four humans
In each village who can give blood, instead!


This tender face wherein blood curdled,
The head, like a thorny crown
With nails adorned by the bomb
Who is this young Jesus, which sin has he befriended?


Masjid did not say a word looking at the
Flesh of the bleeding swans
Jesus has not saved
Sheshayya has not done anything!
The babas immobile, bound by the gods carved in stone
Only a man can save another now!
The bodies drenched in blood
Whatever they were called,
Their mutilated bodies
Now have to be buried or burnt
What else can be a better tribute?


Let them kill any number
Till the ones who mastermind the killings
And the ones who kill
Are tired sick of this
We will resolves ourselves to die!


Original poem: Yendluri Sudhakar
Translation: Kallury Syamala