‘ Kallury Syamala ’ రచనలు

Man of the Universe – Papineni SivaSankar

జూన్ 2015

1. Man of the Universe

Not physically challenged
But the one who challenges Physics
He that conquers the progressively destructive
Motor neuron with a constant exercise, of knowledge!
He that stabilizes with speech synthesizer,
The word that splits into sounds and bits
He that gives a strong heart
To every being who is physically challenged.
He is the expert swimmer who with thinking hands
Swims across…
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Learning to walk afresh

జూలై 2014

A girl grows leaning on those very dreams
A boy studies to walk the path of the same destination.
To sing on that branch as koels,
To blossom on a different festival of spring
The youth of the nation have one focused aim
And they fly faster and faster with different tongues
To the beauty spot that lures them all
Into its fascinating shade, like butterflies,
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The Planted Cloud


The Planted Cloud

When it rains sunshine
The tree is full of
Showers, green!

When it rains darkness
The tree is full
Dark clouds!

When there is a breeze
The tree rains
The cloud shower!


The Cosmic Form, Viswaroopam

Moon like Vamana[1]
Plants its moonlit feet
On the sky and the earth!

I offer him
My heart for the
Third foot!

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A Soldier’s Monologue


As your eye lashes unfold like opening blossoms
I jump into the ponds of water all of a sudden
They are not ponds but are
Transparent depths of ocean Pacific!
On every nerve of yours warmly flow the streams
I drift in the depths I know not where
And then a whirlpool maybe your heart
Drags me into its depths
While I was nesting in your heart…
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Kiranprabha’s Poems


In the twilight of life
If you can see
When you turn back
one friend who stood for you
One memory which haunted you
One friend or one memory
If you have, you have not lived in vain

When my mother’s stories
Turned into midnight dreams
When formless fantasies
Turned into wandering butterflies
On the days when leaving paper boats

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Dil Dukh Nagar



The muse too sheds tears.
Not just one’s body, but the
Nation as a whole shivers!


The sorrow of many a mother
The slok that no Valmiki could ever write.
The epic that needs to be written now
Is not Ramayanam but a ‘Bomb’ayanam!


The fire has swallowed the lips
Even before the lover has ever attempted to kiss
If one wants entwine the loved…
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1. Resemblances

One memory gone astray
Is by this girl, brought ashore.
One valuable experience lost
In the darkroom called ‘past’
Is by her, with infinite patience, retrieved.

Those who have turned to ashes
And mingled with water
Have come back, through her milky cheeks,
To greet again!

Those who froze in time as still pictures
Of the photo frames
In her eyes, have…
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