Mango Bites

Learning to walk afresh

జూలై 2014

A girl grows leaning on those very dreams
A boy studies to walk the path of the same destination.
To sing on that branch as koels,
To blossom on a different festival of spring
The youth of the nation have one focused aim
And they fly faster and faster with different tongues
To the beauty spot that lures them all
Into its fascinating shade, like butterflies,
They fly to realize their dreams.

Dream after dream
Girl for a boy and boy for a girl
Dream of turning into dollar trees, hugging tightly.
Once things of pride, these migrations,
Now ‘trishankous’ that swing the parents slowly
Into a lonely old age that twists their insides
They clutch their computers to their laps…
Hoping maybe one day…
One day it will shed one tear drop for them
On its own.
Or enjoy the touch of their loving hand
They live on cheating themselves
And start learning to walk afresh.


Original: Smt. Aduri Satyavathi Devi (Telugu)
Translated by: Syamala Kallury