Mango Bites

I Won’t Remind

సెప్టెంబర్ 2015

Things always keep coming to my mind

The days when you entered like fog
into my heart’s core with circles spread out
and pervaded my world

The paths along which you led me with love-shackles
onto the peaks of ecstatic youth coaxing my
faltering thoughts of tender age’s deluges

The moments when we swayed
in unsoiled enchanting worlds drifting with
fervid passion into unfathomed gorges

Do they come to your mind too, any time?

The nights when you kindled
with your glances, the countless star lights in me
in the darkness where words blush

The paths in which you showered love-pollen
in the gardens of raga that we trod together
and you won me

The moments of oneness with resultant boundless love
after the warm thoughts shrinking like doves
jetted out from heart’s nest – their wings fluttered

Okay, I won’t remind, even for fun
Won’t measure the vigour of your memories

But enough it would be, if you promise
that a lightning signature of ours too
will be inscribed on all the moonlit moments
when tender buds blossom into flowers


Origin (Telugu): Manasa Chamarthy
Translated by: Elanaaga