Mango Bites



Thought of you
Quickens the heart and makes it run
Throwing baits of our old traces
Lost somewhere in green pastures

A longing of you
Sways the swing of desires
To the edges of pleasant trills of
My heart’s rhythm
Singing a tune in memories

An idea about you
Swells the buds of folded memories
To bloom and drizzles
Experience as a sprinkle of the petals

The hope of your arrival
Drowns my mind sleeping as a placid blue ocean
In the floods of tantalizing desires

See here
Awaiting for you
In the shades of memories left by the time
I could not hear the inception of old age
Your love become an inspiration
Your memory as life
Your news as a fondle and lull
My heart that anguishes for you in its every throbbing
Still I blow on the breathe of final hopes


Original: Ravi Verelly (Telugu: eduru choopu)
Translated By: Swatee Sripada