Mango Bites

The supremacy or infinite

మార్చి 2015

To the creator
To the inseparable fondness
To the movement of the universe
Woman is the basis


Mother! O mother
Aren’t you bringing me up pouring life of light in the darkness?

Why nobody could see this trial of yours streaming the resplendency and movement into me?
Why can’t I listen if they comprehend it?
O., not only me in your tummy you too on the land remained in darkness know?
Darkness! Darkness …..
Mother, what is darkness?
Is it the inability to see? Is it scary dark colour?
Is it a thought? Then, I too am in darkness you know?
This darkness is pleasant and liberal …
many darkness’s around you residing in the world of light?
Darkness that slashes the feet
Darkness that kills the hopes
Darkness that shatters the life
Darkness of the strong

All the darkness’s

Placed dare lights of yours in the darkness know?
Do you think how do I know this?
Boiling blood and beating heart of yours
Revealed them to me.
Stumbling and faltering
You tried to expand to the hilt
Your hopes huddled close in you
Mother the darkness around you
Obstructed you
Obv fem : what are you doing? They are your brother’s shoes …take them off… like a male girl what are those games? Keep the bat aside, go inside
You tried to run on the toe tips with which you crawled and stood up
I love your trial to mold into a fact the courage that remained as a shade
Obv: where are you going at this hour? What is that dress?
To whom you wanted to show? Go inside, keep the phone off from your hand
I like your walk so much
Hiding the wounds of generations
Pasting smiles on faces
That searches life in death
Obv m: shut up
Where are you going?
Pregnancy confirmed it seems
A girl child
Go for an abortion tomorrow
F: can’t you listen what my son says
We never had in our homes
A girl child
Go and have an abortion
M: kill you if you say a word
Don’t you know what your husband likes?
Break your teeth
Darkness on infancy
Obv: please teacher
Don’t squeeze my cheeks teacher
It’s painful
I’ll go back to my home
What are you doing?
Leave me teacher please …
Darkness on adolescence
Obv: eh, come here
Super figure
Eh would you love me or not
Let us celebrate
If not I‘ll throw acid
Come on
Let us all enjoy come friends
Darkness on old age
Obv: what a hell with this oldy
Take her and throw her in an old age home
Let her die, no botheration at all
How many dark atrocities on you all
Why do we have darkness?
Why to have the obstructing darkness at all
How long more
These dark wars with darkness

The moment when it is known
That I am in your tummy
To break me off
Isn’t it a dark trial mother?

Stop it somehow mother
I’ll be with you
You are not alone
We are two
Let me come
Transforming your praying hands
In to fists of revolt
Mothers … their mothers… their grandmothers..
The bravery they left in the river of life
Filling it in my blood given by you
I am coming with
Filling my breathe
All your emotions which
Never emerged from your throat
Your individualities hanged by
I am coming
All your suppressed hopes
Your ended up intentions
Preserving them in my heart
I am coming
Flowing in every blood vessel
I am coming

As the truth you imagine
The aim you all wished
I am coming
As tomorrows era
As a supreme power
I am coming
You are delivering the east
Your dreams as my facts I rise
I move on with the rays of revolt
I am coming as the supreme power