Mango Bites

For A Catharsis


One has to write
At least to apprehend the quietude
After a prolonged battle.
To assert that man is a tree that can blossom
One must write.
Creation is but a translation of the world…
Creation is destruction in the first place…
As one writes
Pen traces plough lines on paper
And the vivacity of life flows from fingers to the letters.
After the writing is completed
The train of sentence whistles off
Hauling bogies of words behind
The sound, however, pervades the surroundings.

One has to write…
Write a letter to the world
Answering the Why’s and What’s…
For a synthesis…
For the sake of a catharsis.
One can write on the sky
Write on the ocean
Letters can’t be written on the sky
Letter won’t retain on the sea
One must write about an idea expansive as the sky
Write about indigence as deep as the sea
Yes, write
That centuries of harassment
Could not shake the confidence about life,
That the drops of sweat on the forehead
Efface the writing over there.
And when write, write
Not on cisterns but on cataracts
Not on leaves but on lives

Yes, write… and write
Write only in words that shall never dry up.
And the eyes that read them
Should absorb the moisture and get moisten’
Must write… Yes write
One must go on writing for life
Till that timeless sentence suddenly strikes…
And in that enduring writing,
Heart should wear down.

Writing and smearing sandal are not akin.
Nobody can stamp out the sense of writing.

Original: Kopparthy (Telugu)
Translation: Nauduri Murthy