Mango Bites

Vaakili is pleased to present Mango Bites – contemporary poetry in English.

A Colossus


Whenever he runs into me
The stink envelopes me even before.
Embalming his skin with earth
He enters like clay sundered by the wintry wind
With a basket of dung over head.
He infuses the life into the awaiting plants
Combing and caressing the roots.
Greeting with his looks
He teaches words to the sprouting twigs in silence.
Doctoring the infested and the diseased
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Kiranprabha’s Poems


In the twilight of life
If you can see
When you turn back
one friend who stood for you
One memory which haunted you
One friend or one memory
If you have, you have not lived in vain

When my mother’s stories
Turned into midnight dreams
When formless fantasies
Turned into wandering butterflies
On the days when leaving paper boats

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Dil Dukh Nagar



The muse too sheds tears.
Not just one’s body, but the
Nation as a whole shivers!


The sorrow of many a mother
The slok that no Valmiki could ever write.
The epic that needs to be written now
Is not Ramayanam but a ‘Bomb’ayanam!


The fire has swallowed the lips
Even before the lover has ever attempted to kiss
If one wants entwine the loved…
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Germinating a heart is pending


Here only a silent song was knocked down from the edges of the heart
For the roar of storms created amid the breath and breath
The broken affections were scattered
Here only

To give life to life as a life
Sacrificing the dreams of life
Donning head to toe the moments of sparkling fire
To blaze each second as a torch
Sprouted here only
Turning wave lung…
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Our unfortunate land


Our unfortunate land

Our country India, the unfortunate land
‘He is doing this and he makes us do this’
With this idea people of this land
Live sans mightiness sans brightness-this land
Makes the people linger around them like mad dogs
It’s a holy land of currency notes

Yes! These People with hands and legs lymph and blood
Provocation and indignation, honor and virility
Why do they live like wooden toys…
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A mother teaches the value of food


A mother teaches the value of food

Have been a silent observer for ages
Of her manner of eating food, from childhood days
On the previous day, just
Closely watched all the system of her eating
Careful and very cautious I was
That she could never get my feel
I have recorded all her movements
And watched with a new and queer eye !

Yes I have seen it and noted
The true and…
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The Dark Side of the Reassuring Hand


I submitted an appeal to surrender before you,
along with my history.

I acknowledged in writing
to prone before you, with my legacy.
I snipped my rebellious legacy
and filled your cupped hands to the brim.
I surrendered my weaponry at your feet,
and pledged my battle fields
to your threats and intimidations.

Alienating from my flock
I reduced to a wretch seeking after your…
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Except a hamlet, village less…
except a caste, nameless…
except hard labour, pleasure less..
story of my Baappa, will you listen!

Baappa is not an ordinary one—–
like a tall papaya tree,
like a river that never looks back,
like a slender casuarina tree
that challenges the sky,
a very tall lady she was !
Tucking the sari,
as she headed for fields, with sickle…
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The Madman’s Footprint


The footprint of the madman
On the tragic music flowing from the breast of the prostitute
Hanging from the clock tower

The footprint of the madman
Upon the untouchable dream
Of Kanchikacharla Kotigadu
Reduced to ashes while burnt alive

The footprint of the madman
Is the mark made with vengeance by time
On the furrows
Vomiting blood

The footprint of the madman
In the first love…
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1. Resemblances

One memory gone astray
Is by this girl, brought ashore.
One valuable experience lost
In the darkroom called ‘past’
Is by her, with infinite patience, retrieved.

Those who have turned to ashes
And mingled with water
Have come back, through her milky cheeks,
To greet again!

Those who froze in time as still pictures
Of the photo frames
In her eyes, have…
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