Mango Bites

Vaakili is pleased to present Mango Bites – contemporary poetry in English.

The Agony of Soul

జూలై 2014

Wanting to hoist a poem
I opened the window
A loud noise of flowers
emanated at once

The single-pillared edifice
of dream plates collapsed to ground.
With the love smoke of incense sticks
the sky’s throat suffocated.
Peeved at not straining
even a fraction of tear-fountains,
the curry leaf plant in backyard
immolated itself in fire

The highway folded its golden cestus
and flung…
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Learning to walk afresh

జూలై 2014

A girl grows leaning on those very dreams
A boy studies to walk the path of the same destination.
To sing on that branch as koels,
To blossom on a different festival of spring
The youth of the nation have one focused aim
And they fly faster and faster with different tongues
To the beauty spot that lures them all
Into its fascinating shade, like butterflies,
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Two Truths

మే 2014

Like in love
We get wounded in war
Inevitable it is

What difference
Between a teardrop’s stridency
And a blood drop’s tepidity

Everything alike
As the inner heart of a lover

A warrior is
Ever ready to kill

A lover is
Prepared to get killed

It became evening it seems
The sun is washing his sword
And the moon is
Searching for wounds

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Something Inscrutable

ఏప్రిల్ 2014

It has been six months since I looked at the sky
All are around…very near
But we don’t care a damn about it…
We keep running for something.
How much time has elapsed
after I halted a bit , looked at the ground and soil leisurely?
Poor birds keep calling me every morning
in heaven’s language from Nandivardhanam tree.
No, I don’t listen to. I bog down…
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Have you seen the border of the sky?

ఏప్రిల్ 2014

Have you seen the border of the sky?
I don’t know what would you say so ,
My sky is edged in green

Passing by my sky spreads peacock feathers. Never ask the sky about its whereabouts but, leaning my head on it can now easily hold the sphere. It can take the turmoil of the typhoons and the calmness of the mirages with ease. How graceful its hand ignites this…
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A Befuddled Wayfarer

మార్చి 2014

It appears as though everything is known
But the path in the forest never ends
Direction seems perfect
Yet the dinghy doesn’t get ashore
The tracks in desert are not unknown
But no amount of treading
takes you to the frontier
The life of humans is but like this.
It’s an impenetrable jungle
A vast ocean, spread up to the horizon
Infinite sand, stretched to…
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On a River Bank


What’s there on a river bank?
Perhaps a few teardrops left by someone
A few faint quartered conversations
Some abandoned faces of loneliness
Circles of grief furrows in sand.
What else is there on a river bank?

Some arid melancholy blended and soaked
In the rippling sounds of flowing river
What more are there on river bank?

On a river bank there are
Multi coloured pebbles

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One Relation and Several Realizations.

డిసెంబర్ 2013

You have your logic and I have mine own argument
A strange situation of nobody being politically wrong.

The matter of interest is no longer
Who parted from the other first?
And to expect answers for every question
Is nothing short of madness.

We are inured to disappointments expecting high
We can’t help but live in whimsical imaginations.
Lugging the weights and counting the miles
We stay put…
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Should Have Something Left For Us

డిసెంబర్ 2013

A place, a native town
Or an acquaintance at least
Is needed to frequent on and off

When words shatter and melt
Purports scatter, scare and wilt
And thoughts vanish into distant horizons
A habitation is needed
To learn words anew

When desires disappear, making body a lean stick
Rarefied reflections render heart an empty shell
And every route is shut
Leaving pitch darkness all aroundపూర్తిగా »


నవంబర్ 2013

Planted for beauty in the yard
To my great surprise spread
All over the house
Rendering it narrow and
Thwarted the flow off harmonies
Devilish bushes in every corner
Our imagination will be torn
Caught by some thorn
Words will stop moving
Caught in some bush
Mind gets evaporated silently and
Heart remains only as an organ
Silence reigns…
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