Mango Bites

Vaakili is pleased to present Mango Bites – contemporary poetry in English.

A crescent moon


Scattering her organs indiscriminately
As if not hers, she squat

As a stone heap of someone
By the road side
Is she here, not known?

As swimming in herself
As if didn’t know which bank to reach

As a seeping in ocean behind the sunrises and sets
Without a sense of anything

The wind blooming in the hair
Draws crisscrosses on her forehead
The crazy ring on her…
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The Enchantment


A fluttering song awoke by quickening1
In the radio’s womb and gently spoke;
Onto the smoldering sprightly Maru Bihag2
Did my heart crawl and hug daintily

Notes magical, wafted by the gentle breeze,
Floated like soft petals with gaiety and ease;
Flowing by my side O Music Divine
Oft you pull me and entwine caressingly


(Self rendering of my Telugu poem titled Naada Mahima)

1.Quickening = The first…
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Fluid feet


if only one can move about
evidence of life in you or me.

In this country
all rivers
flow into eyes of women.
Entire bush fire
enters labourers’ entrails.

Jungles too surge
with waves of movements.
water gushes
fire too surges,
except man.
River of cities
heaves with waves of feet.
Every where pairs of feet
walking along…
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We both in the Rain


But for me and the rain
none are there on the road
The street lights
Turning the rain drops into pearls
String them as garlands

The pictures drawn by the streams
Before being caught by the eyes change
The leaves and the drops at bout one-on-one
How can drops win over the leaves?
In the majestic mass-parade
Rajkapoor and Nargis, on the Marindrive,
Heat up…
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A Soldier’s Monologue


As your eye lashes unfold like opening blossoms
I jump into the ponds of water all of a sudden
They are not ponds but are
Transparent depths of ocean Pacific!
On every nerve of yours warmly flow the streams
I drift in the depths I know not where
And then a whirlpool maybe your heart
Drags me into its depths
While I was nesting in your heart…
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Everything That is Active


I like more …

The sky
that endlessly stretches its hands
in all direction…

The waters
Whether they overwhelm the banks
or attenuate to a bare ten-feet tributary
but, nevertheless run…

The wheel on the move
even if it were
that of a child’s tricycle …

The nib of a writing pen…

The mote of dust wafted by the wind…

And, even the wall-clock
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In The Dark Room


That night…
when failures banished sleep to the eves of eyelashes;
when this wounded bode sang blues all night with darting pain;
Death, escorted by rain, entered the dark room and said:

“Friend! Look here!
Your grief is a ceaseless torrent!
Life is but a bout of grief… nothing more;
Come! hug me! Let me anoint your wounds in my embrace!”

Some harsh words emanated through the wounds:

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A corf of Chalk


Caught in the chilling web of sagittal month
Time shivers in the bitter biting cold
Even in the congested cities
The foreyards of houses take a head bath
And get cleansed of their inured dirt

And before dawn
In chalky designs they get adorned
As if milky ways were spread out,
A swarm of swans were floating away,
And seem a queen’s entourage
Has been sojourning…
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Thought of you
Quickens the heart and makes it run
Throwing baits of our old traces
Lost somewhere in green pastures

A longing of you
Sways the swing of desires
To the edges of pleasant trills of
My heart’s rhythm
Singing a tune in memories

An idea about you
Swells the buds of folded memories
To bloom and drizzles
Experience as a sprinkle of the…
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There is total silence now


Could be
Overpowered by the bewitching desires
Ran into some unknown direction!

The circling
Routine has engulfed me
May be for it
I stayed there rounding and rounding!
When every word uttered
Is a mere selfish one
Hooked in that fatal bait
Stood here just
With all wet lips!

One thought wave
Cuts another thought line
I might have turned
That newer…
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