Mango Bites

Now, I eat only cannibals

సెప్టెంబర్ 2016

Once upon a time
My nipples were rosebuds of love
My belly was the cradle of an unborn thought
Now, it is just a black mass of a hardened mole
a burden of unwanted fat
Weightless waves
of past love and pain
crash into my eyes
With fermented passion
Now, I eat only cannibals

When machado’s men
rein in my veins
When her beauty and her love
seep onto the floor as vigourless fluid
With fermented passion
Now I eat only cannibalsWhen shadows from the past
warp around my steps
When categories of the world
reap around my coffin
With fermented passion
Now, I eat only cannibals

You remember that day?
When red hot embers of the desert
rose into the sky and sliced the Sun?
When the stuff of the centre
erupted through the edges of the universe?
When this was true and that was also true
and everything in between was an illusion?
Then I ate a cannibal,
he was tasty
And, I became a beautiful traitor

(a fond tribute to Terrence Malick)